Who is the Simply Passive for?

-A brand new beginner with zero experience making passive income – a simple & straightforward guided course

-A person who is stuck & lost in digital marketing – course full of strategies to get unstuck

-A person that wants to grow & scale their digital marketing business

-For someone in the digital marketing business, but not seeing success and

aren't sure how to show up on social media

-Or you don't know where to start when it comes to creating your own digital product.

-Maybe you are doing well with your digital marketing business, but you are ready to take it to the next level.

Wherever YOU are at in your journey, this course was created just for YOU.

SIMPLY PASSIVE has 45+ video modules, templates, checklists, and MORE.

AND it comes with Master Resell Rights, which means that you can resell the course for 100% profit!

Phase 1 | Start

  • Choosing a Niche that fits YOU | Deciding who to serve & exactly how you’re going to serve them
  • Branding yourself the right way & finding YOUR voice
  • Create & optimize your Instagram
  • Create a StanStore to Sell Your Digital Product(s)
  • Full Customer Journey Walkthrough | How someone goes from brand new to buying from YOU
  • The importance of a freebie/lead magnet (with templates)
  • Creating digital products to serve your niche
  • Setting up & adding digital products to your StanStore

Phase 2 | Grow

  • How to create content that authentically serves, connects & sells (anatomy of a caption, prompts, trending audios, hashtags, keywords, faceless marketing & everything in between)
  • How to build trust & grow an authentic community of raving fans on social media
  • Mindset for growth
  • Time Management/ Planning/Efficiency

Phase 3 | Scale

  • Personalized automation to scale and optimize your business
  • Email marketing (Flodesk) (with email templates)
  • Zapier (automate between almost any platform)
  • ManyChat Basics

What you will find in the course:

You will receive the following AND it comes with Master Resell Rights, which means that you can resell the course for 100% profit!

  • Neutral branding and aesthetic
  • Modules/lessons all presented faceless
  • VERY deep modules on niche to help you find EXACTLY who you are talking to and what your audience needs to hear
  • Learn how to create faceless content [b-roll] that builds trust and converts to sales
  • Easy on ramp for beginners and great practical strategies for those who are stuck
  • Heavy focus on social media strategies and content creation, including caption writing, hooks, trending audio, and more
  • Step by Step Canva module that teaches you how to create your OWN digital product [including templates]
  • Learn how to brand yourself, including aesthetics
  • Time Management
  • Mastering your mindset and daily tips you can apply that will change everything
  • Email marketing using Flodesk [including templates]
  • Entire module dedicated to automation including: Manychat, Flodesk, and more
  • Learn how to batch content and save time
  • QUICK START module that allows you to set up the course for resell within minutes!
  • Lifetime access to ALL updates to the course
  • EXCLUSIVE community where you have access to support, a space to cheer others on, and more!

Get the Systeme.io PLR Package with this one-time price offer of only $47.

You will get: Lifetime access to all 8 of the systeme.io courses, Rights to sell these 8 courses and keep 100% of the profits, Exclusive rights to resell the PLR package itself and receive all the marketing materials developed for every course.

"Designed with YOU in mind!"

We care about your satisfaction:

  • Support: You can contact us through our support channels at any point to get help every step of the way.
  • Privacy: We will never access your data without your permission and will never share it with anyone.

Who is this Course Made for?

A person starting from no experience to any amount of experience, can come in and know exactly where they need to start based on where they are stuck or where they need to scale!

Does this course include MRR?

YES! Simply Passive includes Master Resell Rights. True MRR products allow you to buy a digital product ONE time and resell that same product as your own for 100% profit. You DO NOT have to create the product because we already created it for you.

Will I learn how to Create my Own Digital Products?

Yes, this course has a FULL Canva tutorial! Plus training videos that will help you determine what digital product is best for you to create and sell! There are also TEMPLATES and lead magnet included for you to get started!!

Will I learn how to Create Content?

Yes. Simply Passive goes over content creation and has an entire module on FACELESS marketing! The course will help you understand WHO your target audience is and what they WANT to hear in order to BUY from you. What your MISSION is and how to convert leads into sales! You will learn how to have a clear understanding of your brand and offers.

Will I learn Instagram?

Yes. This course has an entire module on setting up your Instagram from Scratch! Everything you need to optimize and get started. There's a lot of modules on content creation as well!

Is this course a good addition to the Roadmap Course?

It can definitely be an additional product that you can share. This course can easily compliment The Roadmap & PPM because the modules you are learning are different! This course is loaded with everything anyone would need to learn and start their own digital marketing business. Learn faceless social media marketing, how to create your own digital products, and how to leverage ChatGPT.

Will this course completely replace PPM (Or other MRR Social Media Courses?)

It's ultimately going to be up to the individual as people have different preferences and ways to learn. This is a lot more than a Social Media Course - it is a super beginner friendly and straight-forward guided approach that takes a person from A-Z learning. Learn how to make PASSIVE INCOME from home (or anywhere).

Do I have to Sell the Digital Product?

No. This is completely designed with YOU in mind. Some people purchase just to receive the training and mentorship. Other purchase with the intent to resell it. That is completely up to you. We commit to teaching you the high income skills to make money online.

Do my Customers get Access too?

Yes. Your customers are welcome to access all the training modules, all the added trainings and the FREE community. You also have the ability to download each training module on your own devices.

What is your return policy?

As this is a digital product, there are no returns when purchasing a digital download. Nevertheless, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we're continually striving to improve and enhance your journey toward financial freedom through our digital products. Rest assured that we are always rooting for you, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

For a full list of terms and conditions, please click the link below.

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